The radio-tracked Black-tailed Godwit (see this blog August 2105) that has been monitored along our eastern coast during the past winter by Lyddia Barnard (fourth year student at EastonOtley) and helped by SEG members Gillian Hammond and Margaret Grenham, the bird  has now returned safely to Iceland where her breeding site will be. If you want to see more details including blog comments by Lyddia and Gillian, the the link to go to is; volg.keningfangreide.nl/king-of-the-meadows-transmitters site

The main part of the study by Groningen University in Freisland is monitoring the nominate race of the species, Limosa limosa limosa, which nests in the meadow lands of The Netherlands and is their iconic bird hence the title of ‘King of the Meadows’ – these birds ‘winter’ in West Africa. A bird very much in decline hence the research to understand the reasons. The study has also transmitters on three of the Icelandic race Limosa limosa islandica. They all have Icelandic names and are females Vorsaber, Kaldadarnes and Tirns. A population very much on the increase is the Icelandic population.DSC00298

Vorsaber has been ‘our’ bird spending the 2015/16 wintering at various sites on the east coast from Wivenhoe to Breydon Water; whereas Kaldadarnes spent all the winter on Sheppey and Tirms, unfortunately, never made it out of Iceland last autumn.


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