Wader Ringing Courses at Stanny Field Centre


The weekend of the 10/11 October was the second residential wader ringing course held this autumn. The first one, held in September was blessed with fine and calm weather for the two evenings of the catches. Over 120 birds were caught – these were mainly redshank plus four other species. The October course was a little windier and very dark, which probably effected the numbers caught – 96 over the two nights but of eleven species including; 21 black-tailed godwits which were also colour ringed, five jack snipe, ten teal, an adult lapwing and an avocet, two knot also were among the birds caught.

Both courses were fully booked and everyone had a great time, ate well and slept well! And over 200 birds for the two courses is a job well done!





    1. Totally agree with Phil – helpful people running the course, good birds, and lovely ringers to be with. Thanks to Phil and others who sent photos……

  1. Can only agree with Phil – great birds, staff running the course and the participants all good company, enthusiastic and helpful. Would love a return visit…….

  2. Definitely agree with Phil and Jan, wondering will you be running the wader ringing courses in September and October this year again

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