Up to a dozen people met up at Stanny Field Centre on Saturday 7 February to review the progress of the otter project after four months work. Even at this early date it was possible to see from the spraint analysis that there was a diet change through the winter months. When the project started in August/September the animals were eating mainly crab but as the weeks have gone on this has dropped out of their menu and fish species dominate by February.


The trail cam part of the project is also producing interesting results – there are now four sites on the estuary that have time-coordinated cameras. The number of sites will increase until we have a good coverage of the areas on the estuary that are used by otters.


The direct observation part of the project also produces interesting results and trail cams have now gone in on the same site to see if they can record the same data that is produced by direct observation.DSC00339Identifying fish and other remains in the spraint samples if difficult! However, assistance from a number of people and organisations has helped our skills!


One comment

  1. Hi,

    I am wanting to start an otter analysis survey myself are there any resources you could direct me too, which have helped you in beginning to clean the remains and the identification of otter remains?

    Many thanks,


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