Month: July 2014

The number of moth species recorded at Stanny continues to increase


Matthew and Clive go through the moth trapsMatthew Deans and Clive Moore have been working away, with at least one and sometimes two visits per month since March. The species list continues to grow with unusual and rare species being recorded. Today was a busy and full morning with all traps being chock a block with moths.


Two new events for the autumn

We have a couple of events during the autumn that might interest you.

One is on otters which is being run by the Suffolk Mammal Group – there is a pdf download which will tell you all about it:

Another event – a lecture/lunch is the first in what will hopefully be a series of lectures/ day workshops on the cultural history of the Alde estuary.

Found out more by clicking:

SEG start clearing the greenery

IMG_4136 IMG_4144Members of the Stanny Environment Group were out on Friday starting the job of cutting and clearing all the vegetation that has grown up on the islands and lagoon edges since the nesting birds have vacated the site. This will take several visits for our work party but it is hoped that by autumn the site is clear and wide open and waiting for the return of the nesting waders in the spring of 2015!