Month: May 2014

Otters on the estuary

Working out of Stanny Field Centre, members of the Suffolk Mammal Group are beginning to look at how otters use the whole estuary, this includes, how many individuals there might be; their chosen routes and what they eat etc. Survelliance includes using Trail Cameras and other modern technology to aid the surveyors in their work. The Group are holding a one-day workshop at the Field Centre later in the year for anyone interested in being involved in ths project. If you would like further details please let us know.






First Beardies Caught

The three RAS projects are underway and the first Bearded Tits have been ringed and processed. More effort is going into trying to find all the adult birds this year as it is suspected that birds previously nesting on Hazelwood Marshes will have moved to new sites, presuambly elsewhere on the estuary. Some of these birds were colour ringed it 2012 and 2013 so if you see one please let us know.